Integra Tire

60 Van Horne St. S. Cbk, BC V1C 1Z1


Great location, you can drop your vehicle off for any of your needs and walk to downtown for shopping and restaurants. We thrive on our service! No hassle quotes, we've been in service since 1978, so yes, our knowledge is huge. We offer rides to/from where you need to be, lots of parking and the coffee is always on. No appointment is ever necessary for tire work, and mechanical can usually be booked at very little notice. We have tire storage so you never need to touch a tire! Oh yea, we also have a courtesy car for you to borrow, based on availability. Our employees are back road knowledgable with years of fishing/hunting/hiking experience. We offer many tire lines (car, truck, SUV, trailer, quad/side by side and even the little lawn tractor/golf cart tires. We have many wheel/rim suppliers, so whatever your fancy may be, we can get it! I can go on and on, so why don't you just stop by for a chat anytime (open Saturday for your convenience) and feel us out. We are right across from the railway museum. See you soon!!

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